Solar Reflective Leather Technology

Featured on most Drag Specialties seats and our EZ GLIDE™ backrests, Solar-Reflective leather is designed to keep the seating area cool even in direct sunlight.  The patented process has been shown to reduce surface temperature by as much as 25° F.  In addition, lower temperatures mean higher durability and longer life of the product.

LEATHER PERFORMANCE – Leather is unique in how it performs over vinyl seating. As leather wears, it may show crease lines that represent the true characteristics of leather. These characteristics are not warranty issues and are accepted as the natural beauty of leather.

CAUTION: Use of leather conditioner or chemicals will void warranty. Warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth should be used for cleanup.


Seat Temp in Direct Sunlight

Solar Reflective Leather : 149.7° F
Basic Leather : 174.0° F